Sunday, January 8, 2012


Today, I am starting this blog. I like to think of myself as the smartest person I know. Drives everyone else crazy, but hell, who doesn't think that? One of my favorite subjects to talk about are sports. I am in no way an NHL guy, and I can't stand baseball but basketball and football...well basketball and football I could talk about for hours. My obsession with basketball started around 3rd grade.

So enjoy this NBA themed blog, titled after one of the best calls I've ever heard in a game, when Reggie Miller banked in a 40 footer against the Nets in the playoffs.

Hi there, I'm Cantrell, Gunner's best friend. I too think that I'm the smartest person I know. But when I found out that he was starting a blog all about sports, that matter, I wanted in. So I asked if I could be in this and he let me. We have had many discussions over basketball, and football so its only natural that I wanted to share my opinions with you. We can guarantee the best questions, the deepest facts, and the best stop for anything thats intresting enough to share. Also, I am a HUGE Bulls fan so any posts about the Bulls will totally not be unbiased.        

So anyway Gunner and I, want you to try, and enjoy.

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