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Most Unbreakable Records NBA History

The NBA has seen some extremely crazy records in it's history. While Wilt Chamberlain had plenty of nicknames, one should probably be "The Record".The Stilt owns 62 NBA records by himself. Ridiculous! However, there are other records that are equally impressive in the NBA by other people. These are the Top 5 Most Unbreakable Records in NBA History.

To do this, there are actually 25 records. There are 5 different categories: Game, Season, Career, Miscellaneous, and Team.

For Wilt, there are so many impressive and honestly unbreakable records, that we are going to only count Wilt's two most impressive records. Otherwise most of the records would be Wilt. Not counting Wilt's records, here you go:

Starting off at number 5 and counting down, here are the Top 5 Most Unbreakable Single Game Records:

5. The Ironman 
Record: 69 Minutes Played in One Game -- Dale Ellis (Seattle SuperSonics vs Milwaukee Bucks) (5OT)
The Bucks and the Sonics met early in the year for this matchup, that ultimately went 5 OT. The game was tied at 103 at regulation, 110 after OT, 120 after 2OT, 127 after 3, and then 138 after 4. Finally the Bucks took the edge at the end of 5, 155-154. Ellis finished with 53 points in a losing effort.

4. Melo
Record: 26 Consecutive Points -- Carmelo Anthony (Denver Nuggets vs Minnesota Timberwolves)
The Nuggets were done 12 points at the half of this one, until Melo took over. He tied an NBA record by scoring 33 points in the 3rd quarter, but more impressive, 26 consecutive for the Mile-High team. 

3. One Word: Wilt
Record(s): 100 Points in the Game, 59 Point 2nd Half, 36 Field Goals Made One Half, 63 Field Goals Attempted One Game, 22 Field Goals Made One Half -- Wilt Chamberlain
March 2nd, 1962 almost deserves to be it's own category. Chamberlain just assaulted the record books on that night. He almost had 60 points in one half. ONE HALF! I'd be surprised if any of those are broken.

2. Bubba
Record: Quickest Disqualification (3 Minutes) -- Bubba Wells (Dallas Mavericks vs Chicago Bulls)
When most people think of the "Hack" technique, they think of Hack-a-Shaq. The Mavericks decided to do it on someone else-- Dennis Rodman. Bubba came in the game and fouled out in 3, yes 3, minutes.

1. The Ultimate Champion
Record: 32 Rebounds in One Half -- Bill Russell (Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia Warriors)
A good rebounding these days is 20-25. Russell had 32 in one half. One could argue that he wasn't playing against anyone who could take the rebounds but the opposing starting center that game? Wilt Chamberlain.

Starting from 5, the countdown of the Top 5 Most Unbreakable Single Season Records:

5. Sheeeeeeeeeeed
Record: 41 Technical Fouls -- Rasheed Wallace (2000-2001)
Sheed had 41 Technical Fouls in 2000-2001. Although there are some players with some bad tempers (see: Amare Stoudemire), the current $1000 per-technical-foul fine should keep some tempers under control.

4. The Donut
Record: 41 Triple Doubles -- Oscar Robertson (1961-1962)
Everyone remembers this as the year that Wilt scored 100, or Oscar averaged a triple double. But out of 79 games played, Oscar had 41 triple doubles. Jason Kidd's season high: 13. 2nd place? Wilt Chamberlain, 31

3. Wait..what?
Record: 88 Games Played, One Season -- Walt Bellamy (1968-1969)
You read it right. The NBA had just gone to an 82 game schedule, and Walt Bellamy decided to take it further and have an 88 game year. He played 35 games with the Knicks and was traded to the Pistons where he played 53 more. Total: 88/82 games played.

2. The Stilt
Record: 50.4 Points per Game -- Wilt Chamberlain (1961-1962)
Wilt just dominated the record books this year (yes, this was the 100 point game year). He averaged 50 points a game. Number of 40 Point Games: 63. Number of 50 Point Games: 45. Never, ever, happens again.

1. The Most Safe Record Ever
Record: 48.5 Minutes per Game -- Wilt Chamberlain (1961-1962)
No surprise that it happened by Wilt in 1961-1962. But think about this. Each game was 4 quarters. Each quarter, 12 minutes. Total minutes? 48. But Wilt averaged MORE minutes per game than the actual number of minutes in a game. How? Five overtime games. One double OT, and one went to triple OT.

Starting from 5, the countdown of the Top 5 Most Unbreakable Career Records:

5. You Mad Bro?
Record: 304 Career Technical Fouls -- Rasheed Wallace
Let's be honest. Rasheed had a bit of a temper. But 304 T's? That's ridiculous. Obviously, the 41 technicals in one season was ridiculous. No one really thinks of technicals as records, but Sheed has this one.

4. The Greatest Ever
Record: 10 Seasons Leading the League in PPG -- Michael Jordan
MJ was good. And while, it surprised me that Wilt didn't have more, MJ is the GE (Greatest Ever), and what is even more impressive is that he was doing this while he won. 23 > All.

3. Dana
Record: 89 Consecutive Games with at least 1 3-pointer made -- Dana Barros (1994-1996)
This is actually more impressive than people would assume. You would assume Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Glen Rice, or Larry Bird. But it was Dana. Ray Allen's longest streak? 41. Good for Barros.

2. The Big O
Record: 181 Career Triple Doubles -- Oscar Robertson
The Donut was one of the beginning of really versatile athletes to play in the league. The only player to average a triple double.Second place is Magic Johnson with 131, but Oscar's got this one locked down.

1. Kareem Alcindor
Record: 57,446 Minutes Played -- Lew Alcindor/Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 
Kareem started his career as Lew Alcindor and ended as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He had one name change, but one thing that never changed was his ability to play a majority of minutes for his team day in & day out.

The category made for the misfit records, here are the Top 5 Unbreakable Miscellaneous Records:

5. Manute
Record: 4.96 Blocks per Game as a Rookie -- Manute Bol
Well, let's be honest. Manute was brought in to be a big man. And he responded by being exactly that. He averaged almost 5 blocks per game. This record won't be touched.

4. The Rook
Record: Least amount of games before scoring 50 (7) -- Brandon Jennings (Milwaukee vs Golden State)
Jennings came in and, in only his seventh game, went out and dropped 50 on Golden State. Granted, the Warriors defense was the best in the league. But even Wilt couldn't do it faster.

3. Bol
Record: 15 Blocks in One Game as a Rookie -- Manute Bol
This was just one of the impressive outings that got Manute the Minute to the number 5 record for this category. This was only 2 short of an NBA single game record. And he was a rookie.

2. The Oldest Hick in the Book
Record: Oldest Player to Play in a Game (45 Years 363 Days) -- Nat Hickey
Nat Hickey barely deserves this record, however he officially owns it. He was the owner of a team and decided one day that he wanted to play. This record shouldn't be broken, even Robert Parish was younger.

1. High School
Record: Youngest Player to Play in a Game (18 Year 6 Days) -- Andrew Bynum
Bynum came straight out of high school, and only 6 days after becoming an adult was out there playing ball in the NBA. Not bad. This record is untouchable due to the current rule that all NBA players must attend college for one year.

Honorary Miscellaneous Mentions: 6 Consecutive Disqualifications (Don Boven), Triple Double at the Age of 40 (Karl Malone)

Not all records are made by one player, and there's no 'I' in record. Here are the Top 5 Unbreakable Team Records:

5. Comeback Trail
Record: 29 Point 4th Quarter Comeback -- Milwaukee Bucks vs Atlanta Hawks (1977)
The Bucks didn't even need all of the fourth quarter to comeback. They were down 29 points with 8 minutes left in the game and finished the game on a 35-4 run to win 117-115.

4. Bulls - MJ = Embarrassing 
Record: 49 Points in One Game -- Chicago Bulls vs Miami Heat (1999)
Michael Jordan retired for the second time on January 13, 1999. Dennis Rodman also left. So what's left? The lowest scoring output any NBA team in the shot-clock era. They could only put up 49 against the Heat three months after MJ retired.

3. The Runnin' Sun
Record: 107 Points in One Half -- Phoenix Suns vs Denver Nuggets (1990)
The Suns had some scorers on their team back in the 1990 season and this was never evidenced more than when they scored 107 points in the first half ALONE against the Nuggets on November 6, 1990.

2. Equal and Opposite Reaction
Record: 370 Combined Points -- Detroit Pistons (186) vs Denver Nuggets (184) (1983)
The Pistons scored the most points by any team in NBA history and the Nuggets scored the 2nd most in this thriller that featured a 74-74 tie at halftime and 4 different 40 point scorers. This one isn't being topped.

1. Mile High Average
Record: 126.5 Points per Game for a Season -- Denver Nuggets (1981-1982)
Anybody playing against Denver that year knew they were in for a scoring battle. They didn't have a super structured offense, but they had some super conditioned players that just kept going. No team will average 126.5 points per game again. Ever.

Honorary Team Mentions: 36 Point Second Half Comeback (Utah Jazz vs Denver Nuggets, 1996)

So what's your take? Which of the number 1's is the least likely to be broken? Any records that don't deserve to be on here? Think any list should be in different order? Let us know in the comments and be sure to look back to see if your comment is posted by us on the Best Comments page.



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