Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Round Mound of Rebound vs. The Love Machine

Let's take a stroll down memory lane. From '85 to '00 Charles Barkley was rebounding. Never averaging under 10 rebounds per game, excluding his rookie season. He was what it meant to be an undersized big men dominating the paint. Asserting his way in the semi-circle and into the Hall of Fame, Barkley made you like him. Whether it was his hilarious attitude in life, or his no-nonsense attitude on the court, he was tough.

Now we return to the present, where there are few people like Barkley. Someone who could dominate the paint while being under 6'11", spark his team, and be an all-around force to be reckoned with. When I attempt to think of anyone similar to his play on the court, only one person comes to mind; Kevin Love. Love means the same to the Timberwolves, as Sir Charles did to Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Houston. Like Barkley, Love, excluding his rookie season, has never averaged under 10 rebounds per game. In his short career, Love is putting up similar numbers (rebounding wise) as The Round Mound of Rebound. Which leaves you with an important question.

Looking at their statlines, I begin to wonder, what if Charles Barkley was playing? What if an '86 Charles Barkely, averaging 23.0 ppg and 14.6 rebounds per game and 40.3 mpg, was put in the same league as a '10 Kevin Love? Love last year averaging 20.2 ppg, and a league leading 15.2 rebounds and 35.8 mpg (all career highs). What if they played eachother? What if Wayne Ellington shoots a shot which misses long, and Love and Barkley are battling for the board? Who gets it?

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